Integrating the worlds of real estate and blockchain technology, MAIV is ushering in a new era of property investment. This innovative platform empowers all investors, regardless of their financial means, to access high-yield, secure investments. 

MAIV offers high-return, secure investment opportunities accessible to investors worldwide.

Our team, comprised of industry specialists, has successfully completed projects worth over £5 billion. We have a consistent history of delivering top-quality projects and strong returns for our investors.

Compared to traditional investment platforms, we offer higher returns, do not use a tiered system, and, we have less barriers to entry.

MAIV provides users with access to tangible, high-yield, secure investment vehicles. Traditionally, access to these markets has been limited to high-net worth individuals and commercial entities.

MAIV uses smart contracts to enable users to withdraw with returns relevant to the pool they have deposited in. Users can choose the terms that best suit their needs.


We partner with the best

Pixelplex and Luna PR are Industry leaders in Web3 development and marketing.

PixelPlex is an award-winning custom software development company with a proven track record, a mix of broad technology expertise, innovative business culture and over 100 talented developers. Founded in 2007, PixelPlex has delivered over 300 projects in Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile, Game and Custom Software Development with over $500 billion successfully readied through products.
Luna PR is a multiple award winning, global marketing and PR agency focusing fintech, space tech, emerging tech, medtech, e-sports and green tech. They work with businesses to bring the right exposure to their brand, increase awareness and reputation in markets worldwide.
Foundership is an emerging tech accelerator & fund that specializes in supporting early stage web3 projects. Foundership has an extensive global network of coaches, ecosystem partners & investors that back the project in their programs.

Why Us Over Competitors?

Unique real estate financing

While many tokenize real-estate or offer low-yield stablecoin deposit returns, MAIV uniquely provides access to real estate development financing, offering higher returns and less risk.

High yield return on investment

Our largest competitor manages over $239B in RE Asset investments, offering a yield of 4.3% - MAIV outperforms this return by some distance offering up to 20% for investors.

Published in financial news

MAIV's presence in top-tier publications like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider and Finbold attests to our unique position. Our vision is to reshape high-yield secure investments.

Get started with MAIV

Join us on this exponential journey, making high-yield, secure investments accessible to all.

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