How it works

MAIV is a unique offering. There are many companies who are tokenising real-estate, fractionalising assets, and selling them off via tokens, providing a share of rental revenue relative to ownership share, however we believe this to be a highly variable market with less returns and more risk.


MAIV offers users a fixed rate of 12% return on their investment while benefitting from the remainder of the position in projects in which we deploy capital. Funds for users are pre-secured before capital is deployed, by way of privately raised capital.

Investors will be able to subscribe to the platform using the MAIV token to use the full suite of products, which will include making use of the fixed minimum, unlimited maximum return, this allows users to withdraw at any point after depositing in the pool.

The pool will remain closed to new investors and instead distribute the remainder of returns the withdrawing user was entitled to between those who remain in the pool, increasing their minimum return. This can be a lucrative opportunity for the individual investor, commercial investors satisfied with a shorter timeframe will produce significant amounts of capital redistributed to individual investors, meaning there is the potential for exponential gains for individual investors.

Further benefits of subscribing using the MAIV token will include:


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